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ACTi-SKIN is a registered, verified, E-commerce Online Business. This website act as the platform where we share all our products, including prices, product photos, and information to our clients and the public. Our E-commerce store allows you the client to browse and purchase our products in the comfort of your own Home or Office.  ACTi-SKIN provides you with a safe and secure online shopping experience.   


1. How to Purchase

Click on any product, the product will open on your screen providing you with the product information and a BUY NOW Button at the bottom of the page. You need to click the Buy Now Button to add the product to the cart.

2. Continue Shopping

Click on the BUY NOW Button it will take you to the Shopping Cart. You can click on the Continue Shopping Button to come back and add more products to your cart.

3. Check-Out

We don't require any sensitive information like your Banking Details or Pasword, but we do need your Name, Surname, Full Delivery (Street) Address, Cellphone Number and Email Address

4. Done Shopping

You will receive a confirmation email including your invoice. Orders will be processed once payment has been cleared in our bank account. Order processing and Deliveries can only be done during work days.

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Our trained staff consists of a great team of able ambassadors who have achieved fantastic results in getting the company to where it is today. Ensuring our people remain cheerful and motivated is of great importance. It is important to us, important to them and important to our customers because people buy (from) people. 
Part of our mission is to encourage people to become an active participant in their personal and beauty care. As good lifestyle choices are an important part of becoming and staying healthy and beautiful. A skincare regiment is essential, and should be a part of your daily routine. Damage to the skin has been done over a period of time and it will take time to reverse any skin damage.
High Quality!
From humble beginnings to the well-respected company that it has become today, our values have always been the same - quality products, service excellence, and extremely competitive prices.
Our Providers!
Our ingredients are imported from the best reliable suppliers in the world with 100% purity guaranteed.  
Our products are manufactured in South Africa. 
Who are We? 
ACTi-SKIN has acquired Ultramax.co.za and flhb.co.za 

ACTi-SKIN is a dynamic company with big ambitions. Established a decade ago as Free Line Health and Beauty Therapy Home in the year 2008, this company has grown in stature and ambition. A few years after formation, Dr. Cathrine joined us, bringing with her experience and a new perspective. From importing and branding a single product to providing a range of product lines to our clients. We have shown steady growth over the years. We are situated in the Eastern Cape with its main office in East London.
Knowledge is important and Dr. Cathrine assists us in providing information and training to the personnel of our channels. Consumers are more educated now than ever before, enabling them to make better decisions about what they put into their bodies, through both food and supplements and also those things to avoid like additives, chemicals, pesticides, and pollutants.

ACTi-SKIN and Partners are a member of the Proudly South African campaign. This ensures that we are contributing to the local economy in a variety of ways. We are doing our best to uplift the standards for the people of South Africa and abroad.

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